(9) Rippack single-serving tooth powder is the future of field dental hygiene

(2) Rolls of MoleSkin

(1) toothbrush

(1) toothpaste

(1) razor

(1) packs of extra blades

(1) hygiene bag

(1) small towel to use for showering before your gear issue

(1) nail clippers (essential for inspection)

(1) tube deodorant

(1) bottle antibacterial body wash and scrubber

(2) small travel bottles of mouthwash (essential for inspection)

(1) tube Lotrimin Ultra

(1) can shaving cream (medium size)

(1) bottle of shampoo+body wash combo

(1) tube of Body Glide

(1) bottle of 4 oz hand sanitizer

(1) Small field hygiene mirror (we recommend featherweight camping mirrors)

(2) quick-drying towels (small for travel)

(1) pack of 40-count moist/baby wipes

(25) black hair ties (females)

(2) travel-size hair spray (females)

(2) travel-size hair gel (females)

(2-3) cycles of feminine hygiene (females)